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Yeah I usually always make my transfers at 7 to avoid any last minute injuries. Looks like I just got screwed I only got to change 2 players and then it closed ...
5 months ago
Sorry at what time does this transfer window close? Is it already closed?
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PSG Vs. Nice
8 months ago
What facts...the fact that he scored 3 goals in euro and helped a team that was not expected to make it out of their group still make it to the semi's or the fa...
2 years ago
I had the same problem, shirokov was on my starting line up from the begining but after the russia game i subbed him out but i didnt get any points for him?
Hey i just wanted to know if u got points for the players u subbed out cus i have the same problem except i subbed out shirokov and got 0 points even though i s...
I had shirokov on my starting line up from the start but after the russia game i subbed him out to put in C.Ericson for the next day but i didnt get any points ...
Besides, Luis Fabiano admitted that it was a handball at the end of the match. Fifa needs to do something about the refs because they seem to be getting worst a...
4 years ago
All you people need to stop talkin sh#t about Luis Fabiano's goal. It's not his fault. if you've ever played or even know anything about soccer than you would k...
If we play like little girls and still win games, than what does England play like? Hmmm.... I know! you play like a bunch of douche bags. You have no right to ...
First of all defenders do get points for assists(why wouldnt they) even goalies get points for an assist i know this because cech got me 5 points for an assist ...
Yesterday i had pique, vermaelen and eboue playing and i know pique assisted and he is my star player but i only got a total of 1 point for all 3 players will i...
Real madrid is ah great team, one of the best.
Yoo this is BS im missing 118 points from xavi and dani alves, in just this week. i should be passed you already. ther both my stars and they both assisted goal...
Guess who's catching up :)
Hi, tnx 4 adding me
No. club matches only
I just wanna know if the next transfer window will open before the african cup because my star striker (drogba) will be leaving for this tournament
Julio your a dumbass
I have a question. how come i can't login into my profile. my profile is JulioFC. right now i'm using my friend's account. I put in my username and my password ...
HELLO frnd !!!!! i want your vote (cool vote). i will also do for you plz
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