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Oh you're right Chelsea should have left the pitch frowning and crying. If you haven't noticed we beat the only unbeaten team in the league, and probably the be...
6 years ago
Chelsea 15-10 Man City
Don't forget that Valencia is currently in fabulous form in La Liga, and they got hammered from an off-form Chelsea 3-0
Don't forget Napoli
I know Sturridge is a greedy bastard, but the amount of talent he has is unbelievable he's already scored 8 times this season. He's still young and will learn w...
I totally agree
I was initially here to congratulate you guys on the well earned win, and I do get it when people troll teams that just got thrashed, but do you guys really con...
Stupid troll, on behalf of Chelsea fans I apologize, and good luck to Arsenal in the future.
They took 3rd***
7 years ago
Benfica actually played champions league this season, they were in a group with Lyon, and Schalke, but they took 4th place and were knocked out, so thant means ...
And why is everyone saying the zhirkov penalty wasn't a p.k he nutmegged chris smalling, and was about to get the ball, but smalling put a foot out to stop him
Lol how the hell are u refering to fabio's chance on goal as a penalty, even the most bias united fan wouldn't think about complaining
Oh i get it he just lost, so he can't find anything to refer to other than their glorious history :) btw chelsea have 4 titles and united have 18
Somewhere on FootyTube
LOL how many years are you guys planning until u finally win something, come on carling cup final against birmingham :s
When a guy talks about silverware he means this season, and a couple of season's before. chelsea have won 10 trophies since 2005. on the other hand arsenal won ...
Sevilla fan plz stop trollin' , so what if we lost were still top of the league, and im sure we can find our form again
Sorry but rooney didin't deserve the player of the year at all, drogba scored 29 and assisted 13. rooney scored 26 and assisted 3.
8 years ago
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