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Jesus Christ

A good cross, thumping volleys, Stevie G specials and Jordan Hendo's celebration
Just for Fun (Forward)
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What do you guys make of Allen's recent performances?
3 weeks ago
If you think you may be attacked for posting something, consider why you might have these reservations or hesitations and then assess whether it is worth postin...
1 month ago
Nuthin wrong bout admiring a couple of blokes who like to properly manage their heads.
I hate to look back and say, "Had we won at Hull like we should have, we would be title contenders, no doubt." But it's true. Instead, looking forward let's ea...
I have to say, Everton have done extremely well under Martinez. This whole campaign I've shrugged that fact off like "Of course they're performing well, they're...
Was wondering when we'd see Texiera. "Coutinho look alike" haha. Not too shabby, I thought. He seemed nervous as sh*t tho!
Well what about Chico Flores wrapping his arm around Carroll's neck in the first place?
The commentators were making remarks about Sterling's work ethic and I have to agree. Even though his passing was a bit messy at times, he absolutely terrorized...
Most of the time I forget that Andy Carroll ever played for us. But this transfer window had me recalling that 35m we spent on him... hahaha *sigh*
From what I heard in post match interviews on Sunday, Gerrard will be playing a holding role mainly. Why buy CDM? What we need is competition/backup for Couti...
The only thing that might deter us from signing top players is just whether they are available or not.
I think the subtitle to this article is simply hilarious http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/liverpool-transfers-salah-rakitic-toivonen-2986977
One should also consider that more dominant teams keep the ball up field more and create more chances in the box so there are going to be more opportunities for...
You could see Mignolet was anticipating the right shot. It looks to me like negredo may have scuffed it a little and mignolet could not readjust
How can you forget 3 against Norwich!
And no one could have handled Suarez in the manner he has. He's been flawless for me.
4 months ago
I know! Besides Tottenham winning, EVERYTHING went our way!
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