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Im getting tired of team playing backs against forwards when they face barca Think someone mentioned it earlier .....
3 years ago
And then someone suggested "maybe we should sell sami and get falcao" :/
Such simplistic beauty, left up to your own imagination/interpretation, no statistics required,certainly not a fact, but yet we may see this get one hundred lik...
Yeah i think i will put in a like just to see how high it can get , interesting to say the least.i wonder how many likes this comment would have gotten had Madr...
Think puss in boots lost his contract :(
Link plz....
Great game by you guys, very delightful victory Ps: hope alexis wins a ton of trophies with you
Lol Strong words mate :(
Im no fan of Argentina but i would hv liked messi to lift it, no shame for him though silver medal for his shame whatsoever
Meh... i came here just for jeroen's reaction lol
4 years ago
Here we go boys.. Please be advised that this game isnt good for the heart
All necessary precautions should b observed
Devrod just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
Thanks mate ..*cool votes*
Hey guys i know this is random but its kinda important but what time is it in germany right now (to the time of this post of course) thanks in advance..and good...
Haha i was telling my gf that
I was asking myself the same question ..I think it will help to be at home since vv is not there tho, and they are missing their main striker aswell so yeah may...
I dont get it.. what is he trying to say?
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