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4 years ago
Lol did u even watch the game
@BHANKUNDO lol top of the table of SA without Brazil..Brazil would have wiped the floor with this Argentine team.
Giggs reaction to before the goal, wtf giggs just f*****g retire.
He called your team a plastic team and you are ok with that man @ the helm? no wonder they call you chavstic team.
Lol @ chavs supporting FAT spanish waiter.
Watch the replay it was going out until it took a nick of jones leg.... class finish from mata tho
Will you be watching RVP lift the league tittle this Saturday?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Never been impressed with him. He is like andy cole awesome in his best days and mediocre in his worst days...not a player united need.
But the shirt puling started outside the box and by the rule it should have been a free kick.
I would worry more about Munich.
I had the same feeling when chelsea fluked the CL.
And yes you are spot on about all the american chavs fan knows more about chelsea than united fans do about bugger off to renties page will ya?
U r from england and you don't know what chavs mean? ekin hell mate, i have seen so many chelsea fans who didn't know hasselbank, flo, babayaro, wise, le saux u...
U need to get an appointment with an eye specialist asap.
Lol @ matt93 go on mate and last time i checked chavs has more African fans than the english one.
Oi....for 99 min u had 0 shots on target...but u still think arse would have gone thru regardless of the fact that ur team is s**t @ defending....everytime u cl...
7 years ago
For past few years we can say the same thing about chelsea...
You get a birmingham and a 6 years since you won f**k all
Coming from a fan of chelsea...please..who can forget the act of ballack and drogba after the game against barca...hhahahahahah but go on..i dont mind a free co...
Not when u have ref in the pocket...we will see u cockneys at the OT..enjoying the 4th place...well u better get used to it
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