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4 years ago
In case you haven't found out yet: played for borussia mönchengladbach from 2009 until last year. played in belgium before. never really had the biggest stage ...
In my humble opinion lewandowski is currently one of the best strikers in the world. he's just amazing to watch. pass him the ball, either a low or a high pass:...
5 years ago
In my opinion that was an average performance by Germany. But I guess it's not that easy playing against a team which has nearly all their players lined up in t...
That was an awfull pitch!!
You've still had özil, ronaldo, kaka, essien, modric, di maria... come on, man!! stop whining!
Ok, that comment was supposed be beneath this one :D
I have to correct muellerseleven: we've won 3 euros, not 4. and unfortunately the german team really did choke at the last few tournaments... but we're gonna wi...
Great game! rally enjoyed watching it! of course, dortmund was far better throughout the whole game, but city had some great chances in the first half. both goa...
I think he is just being honest. i, for example, simply don't want the french team (just an example) to win. not because they're not good or something and i don...
How amazing was that reus-goal?!?! perfect!!
Perfect! way to go, germany!!!!
Fantastic game! i'm obviously not a dortmund-supporter, but you've got to appreciate their fans! great game!!
6 years ago
What some people seem to forget: these players are professionals. they need to earn as much money as they can in their short career as a footballer. and just as...
Where is eren derdiyok's goal?!
I guess your from medievil times, happyfeet. wake up! have you heard of gobalization? i guess you're english. what if you were born in russia because your famil...
Why is everbody speaking of a belgian "golden generation"? the germans got a golden generation!! :) the starting eleven against belgium: neuer (1986), höwedes ...
Hey! from my experiences living and playing football in istanbul and in germany i must say: turkish footballers are some of the best footballers in the world. b...
If you don't consider gomez being german, i'm not german, too. although i was born in germany, my father is german, spent nearly all of my life in germany... bu...
Haha, my friend: no penalty at all. the first "foul", where mertesacker "tackled", was a foul of the italian player. that's why mertesacker fell and the italian...
7 years ago
Yeah, but he's not quite sure, yet. he might be playing for the russian squad in the future cause he was born in the former soviet union.
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