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Derfg gave the Uruguay v Argentina video a rating of 5
7 months ago
Derfg gave the CD Chivas de Guadalajara v Club Tijuana video a rating of 4
I found it funny how all the players from Panama were defending in the end and Mexico just couldn't score US wins 2-1 in final
8 months ago
Raul Jimenez is an idiot disgrace to mexico
9 months ago
Stop being so negative about mexico
Chivas just won the clasico in the last minutes of the game with only 9 players 1-0
Ghost? Baggio is still alive
Ya but did you see how many fouls he committed during the entire tournament
Even if they did they would probably lose
Its a good thing Spain won because Brazil already beat Italy
Cant wait to see Brazil lose to Spain
Yeah but Italy don't have balotelli
Paulihno got a lucky header Brazil vs Spain in the final
Wow Chicharito could've easily made that penalty :( at least they won
Probably take a while for it to end even if Brazil win the cup
I guess gaymar isn't that overrated
10 months ago
Now that america won the final chivas now are tied with them in titles >:(
11 months ago
Derfg added new photos to Chivas de Guadalajara
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