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Unsurprising, the English have a pathetic obsession with history. It must be a defence mechanism to keep out the harsh reality that we spend our lives looking ...
4 days ago
Xgooner - you say that like those old guys won everything and now we downgraded.
5 days ago
^and also his last, it's an emotional time for Poldi. Such a great guy, the fans love him.
I can't find the source but I recall reading that, to balance books in the wake of the Emirates move, the target was to qualify for the CL 3 seasons out of ever...
6 days ago
Nope. We don't have many consistent performers but he is one. If you sell him then it will cost a fair amount of money and even more time to replace him and get...
Might be a trick question, or maybe one of the supposed facts is incorrect.
Thought I had it for a second, I was thinking Belletti, but Messi was in the senior Barca squad at the same time. He meets all other criteria, I think. This is...
1 week ago
I can't abide the hate and the abuse that gets thrown his way but I also cannot defend his tenure anymore. Sometimes it is OK to lose, I do not expect to win 1...
Nah, these clowns will be embarrassing us until the end of days. It's shameful, every other fanbase looks forward to their cringeing, pathetic, entitled rants.
To be fair to Southgate, I do sort of understand his reasons. He said he knows Theo very well and knows what he brings to the squad but he wants to use these fr...
^I think we can score goals, we just cant defend. CHE - 4 goals (2 games) MUN - 1 goal (1 game) LIV - 4 goals (2 games) MCI - 1 goal (1 game) TOT - 1 goals (1 ...
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