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Oxlade-chamberlain can play right wing back.
8 hours ago
Premier League Winners Medals: Lukaku - 0 Walker - 0 Drinkwater - 1 The justification for whether a player is worth a certain fee is entirely subjective on th...
10 hours ago
Shay, in the same world where Kyle Walker is worth 50m? or where Lukaku is worth £75m? I'm really not surprised by these fees anymore.
15 hours ago
Jenks & Debuchy are probably harder to get rid of, nobody wants them.
18 hours ago
The other domestic leagues don't all run at the same time so its going to disadvantage somebody to have a deadline fit with one specific league. Either make th...
1 day ago
Similar situation to Alexis - inside final 12 months of current contract and not yet signed a new deal. From his perspective, he will want to be playing more r...
2 days ago
The timing of the interview is very poor, just a few days before the season starts. But apparently he got a "heroes welcome" in the Spurs dressing room, so the...
6 days ago
I've been thinking this for a while, does anyone else think Spurs are at a crossroads, on the verge of 'doing an Arsenal'? They've got some very good players, ...
1 week ago
^thats our kryptonite, lol. Teams have done that to use for like 10 years and we still don't know how to break down a well-parked bus. We always get sucker-pu...
This all started because one City fan got on his high horse and called out other clubs for inflating the market. When people brought him down a notch and pointe...
All competitions? 20ish to get settled in this season. I'd expect it to take a little while for the team chemistry to build and I think he will be a real force...
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