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4 years ago
Yipee.. Kaka's back. That one long run before he passed it to that wasteful balotelli !..He looked like his old self..
What's going on with the refs? If you are gonna give a penalty for that he could have at least avoided the red card. But how on earth is that a penalty?
Why? he's been receiving a lot of flak from everybody recently but yet he remains sober enough to reply through his on the pitch performance.It's just like Howa... good was that second goal? absolutely amazing..He definitely deserves the ballond'or this year, just like messi deserved it last 4 years.he's been uns...
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Brazil Vs. Chile
LOL..Japan's the poor man's spain..seriously, they are really good..The only problem i see with them is they make lots of chances but they clearly fail to conve...
LOL..right.I really don't know why wenger still sticks with this guy. It's like playing cattermole ,always inclined to get sent off..
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Ajax Vs. Celtic
I'm a big fan of neymar, but he gotta learn to toughen up and stop going down easily.Look at Messi, he's so earnest and doesn't go down easily and he's got grea... gunners never learn..How many times have we broken your hearts? coming from behind and winning the league. Yet you guys underestimate us..And p...
Ha ha.. well said.. Ibra does intimidate other players.. Gotta feel sorry for cavani.
Ronaldo didn't did strike his face..But the red card was overly harsh. A yellow card would have sufficed. Defenders get away with worse fouls these day...
Dinho has brought that creativity back in the team..his passes and his dead ball ability are awesome..YIPEEE and happy to see hulk getting into the team..and wh...
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
40 million for modric?.levi sure is dumb..should have made that deal..
I saw that too... i was rolling on the floor and laughing, when i saw that..
Somewhere on FootyTube
But we've seen greater teams than this fumble when it came to real deal..remember galacticos..they never got the throughput for their invest..
EXACTLY...this sheik guy is really crazy..maybe crazier than abrahimovich..look at the spending spree..the end result has been poor for the last three years..
Happy to see real on the up..i've been waiting for this since 2003.. but still haven't got a clue why real bought coentrao when marcelo is in there..
Well 5 years back..he helped portugal reach the semi's of the world cup..didn't he..
Exactly..dunga's team had discipline..this team doesn't have a chance..and neymar , what the hell was he celebrating for when his team was 1 goal down and with ...
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