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Thanks a lot mate
3 years ago
Hi! Thanks so much adding me as a friend! are HOT! there..! im sorry, but i just thought you should know. Ok have a great day! you think Joe Cole will still be with us next season? I think we should cash him instead
The reason why FT left LFC
Ah... the usual one I know..and king Kenny for sure
G'day! Just wanting to add more friend here... I believe we both do need more friend.
Thank god its not skinhead webb!!!
Hopefully Gerard will score first. Its been a while since last time he scored. Would love to see he him blast chealsea net from distance.
Damn this must be the news that everyone been waiting for then...If its true that Roy has been sacked than I never though i would say this but, thank you so muc...
"There were the problems with the owners, then Kenny being so popular and not getting the job and it being given to me. It is sad and I don't like hearing those...
Thanks so much anfieldhero, gr8 documentaries!
Lucas to score...hmm might be difficult coming from him. Anyway! Latest news, inter willing to pay 15 million euro, plus Sully Ali Muntari for Javier Mascheran...
Let him go, he doesnt want to stay anyway...
Yea!!! we need a quality defender indeed. Hope Drenthe will shine with us! But did you guys hear about Forlan might replace Torres...?
Other wise... i just keep dreamin
4 years ago
Feelin so freakin low now... How the f@*K did we lose to Reading! The only person who could turned things around that would be Rafa him self as a Manager. He f...
There is no way that Man United would ever sell their top player to Liverpool. Dont you remember that Gabriel Henze would join Liverpool in mid 2007, but this c...
George Gillett and Tom Hicks might be a tight ass owner of the club, but im sure they wont go that far. Selling those key players is just an act of stupidity. I...
No one is to blame... Liverpool Fc simply played without confidence. The whole team seems has lost their confidence. Now its all up to Rafa as the manager and G...
Hi there! I read about the difficulty you are having watching EPL where you are. I strongly suggest you use the internet to watch games... Check out a website w...
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