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Http:// if only this is true i will be so HAPPY torre...
6 years ago
HAHHAHAHA i cant believe what am seeing TRABZONSPOR really!!!!!!!!!! i hope gasperini gets his azz wright soon or else his gone and inter will be in alot of tro...
Actually busquet did something usefull for barca he dived to give villa a freekick i think that was enough for pep guardiola those azzholes
I always want to watch man u play 2day i really want to see how CITY will handel NAPOLI they both finished 3rd both in good form but AM GOING WITH NAPOLI ON THI...
Say what u want to say milan got lucky n sht but RESULT is all that matter and its against a team with great form than we do and we are missing some players PHU...
May be its just me but am not even celebrating i dont know what ur talking about
I dont give a sht who dominated the game at end of the game RESULT is all that matters barca can dominate all they want u should know that there will always be ...
Sorry dudes but if there is anywhere kaka can go and thats home sweet home back to MILAN there is 90% chance of him going back if its ment for him to leave madr...
† arsenal GOODLUCK †
That was terrible.. aaliyah!!!!
Yeah i guess its good 4 me i should'nt exagerrate on score lines i regret it too but its cool
Oops my bad maybe i got wrong
@soundtrack dude calm down am talking about the current sqaud it easly could been 0-6 if suarez started am not a hater you dumbass u think i don't know if arsen...
DAGLISH showed arsenal a litle mercy it could been 0-6 if it was full liverpool sorry wenger but ferguson will show you no mercy man united 8-arsenal...
Yo Death maybe I shouldn't be getting into this with you but it's all good because I think you don't take everything seriously so that's good. But all this stu...
Thats not what am saying am trying to compare how many stars madrid had back then and barca wassen't even close just like madrid is not close to barca right now...
Just 1 que would you guys say messi is better than ronaldinho in his prime cuz i will kill xpose u guys on this 1 cuz thats the same way i can compare ronaldo t...
Juno and thats what makes ronaldo better than messi because he is good everywhere @donnachah dude i dodn't u know a p##y is a guy that argues and dives a lot ...
@juno how can u betray me ok answer this QUE is messi that makes barca good or is players at barca that makes messi and barca good cuz if its messi only then...
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