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5 years ago
It seems that you have forgotten that there is a reply button. You should use it for your person-directed rants.
Nope, no Busquets: As BluFF said, Barça and Athletic pl...
Not a good game :(
6 years ago
Terrific 3rd goal by Ronaldo. Málaga showed that they're not quite at the point where they can be included in the discussion of the top teams in La Liga…
Easily! That must've been from 55 meters out.
The Iñigo goal might be the goal of the season! Incredible strike. Unfortunately, not much else happened for La Real - though they hit the post once other time...
And after today it'll be manu, manu, manu, chelsea, manu… it'd be great if all leagues were more competitive top to bottom, but don't make it sound like the e...
7 years ago
How do you give up 2 penalties to one of the best teams in the world? Athletic… you suck! There's a reason I can never cheer for you.
I agree. He must've been 16 yards out!!!
Hope this helps. Just scroll down a litte, it'll be there in Catalan and English:
First, great to see Arsenal take down Chelsea. Great job pouncing on the mistakes of Chelsea's defense. Hope they continue moving to the top of the table. Again...
Wait, when did Chelsea do this?
Wow, not a beautiful game from either team. Expected a bit more from this long awaited derby return... and oh... Mikel San José... perhaps you should've stayed...
Awesome performance by Barcelona, especially considering how tough it is to play in Pamplona, the fact that it's absolutely freezing there now (I live less than...
The 2nd yellow on Abelda was a bit harsh IMO, but Real Madrid really showed up in the 2nd half. Nice 1st goal, but Benzema really should have gotten to that in ...
What ABOUT the goal from Šernas???
Villa is facing a match ban after the red card in San Mamés last weekend.
Meaningless friendly... perhaps give reina (who cost spain 2 goals yesterday) and valdes a shot. i don't think casillas is hurting and he seemed to be on the be...
Messi's goal was fantastic... but i voted for pedro's. he had the perfect touch -- it was probably so easy to overhit it -- and the skill and finesse to get it ...
8 years ago
Yeah, these were not "bench" players... True Kaka' and CR9 weren't out there.... but I was most shocked when I saw the side they fielded. They should've easily ...
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