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Oh thanks @MarkoPollo then I won't have any issues using it in Delaware. I guess I'll try it for a month and then I'll buy a whole year.
2 years ago
Alright thanks guys. I guess what I'll do is I'll try to get BVB Total running in the US because it's pretty cheap (if you book for a year it's 3-4€ per month...
I'll be staying in Delaware but as far as I know, I won't have access to cable TV. Also, my city isn't that big and I'll be working on saturdays which makes it ...
Hey guys, I know I havent' been around for a long time. But for the last couple of months I've simlpy been really busy and yes our last season obviously didn't...
There you go (facebook fanpage) The Liverpool friendly will be awesome: "Borussia Dortmund im TV! Hier eine Übersicht der derzeit geplanten Live-Übertragunge...
3 years ago
DeDeus updated their profile
I think it's been the greatest World Cup I've witnessed in my life so far. Or sporting event of any kind for that matter. However, that's just my extremely bias...
As hard as it is for me: it's all straightened out between him and me now.
I was sceptical about the home kit at first too but now that I've seen the images of players wearing them in action against Kassel I actually like them quite a ...
4 years ago
It was vs Augsburg, matchday 1. 40 minutes in or so...
I'm not saying they CAN'T. I just can't imagine it with their defensive performance and extreme dependence on Ronaldo. Sure, their offense is probably the best ...
By now, I hope Atletico wins it. However, I fear it's gonna be Bayern again. I can't really see the others (esp. Real) getting through with it at this point. Bu...
Amazing stuff guys! I'm all for you now. I hope you can take it to Lisbon and win it altogether.
I actually thought we came up with that :D
DeDeus gave the Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid video a rating of 4
Oh I've been censored :D
What?! I guess that half is the last reminder to never write off a Dortmund team. Reagrdless of opponent, deficit or even the fielded players. f****n' Jojic, Ki...
Well let's just say we wanted to play in hard mode as an explanation for the first 20 minutes. Awesome Stuff Reus! And finally like 2 decent passes from Auba ...
Sure I am somewhat disappointed we didn't win this. But far more important is this: we were playing awesome, beautiful football again! I'd say it was our best m...
I guess none of the injured players will be back till either the first or the second leg. Gündogan, Subotic, Blaszczykowski, Bender and Schmelzer will not be a...
It also worked out great for us in the past... Always gotta remember that even if it isn't always fun to spend (relatively) little
Man in terms of passion that 2nd half was great and we showed a lot of what seemed missing recently. But our playing style - pretty awful - long balls, awful p...
DeDeus gave the Chelsea v Manchester United video a rating of 1
DeDeus gave the Everton v Liverpool video a rating of 5
DeDeus gave the Arsenal v Southampton video a rating of 5
DeDeus gave the Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur video a rating of 2
DeDeus gave the Crystal Palace v Arsenal video a rating of 5
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DeDeus gave the Borussia Dortmund v Olympique Marseille video a rating of 2
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