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Chris Hughton new Man Utd manager FTW... Jokes aside he did win the Championship with Newcastle. Moyes won... er...
Dcush nominated A. Januzaj (90') for Goal of the Week
Dcush just Watched
PSG Vs. Chelsea
Dcush just Watched
Dcush just Watched
Dcush nominated A. Tettey (33') for Goal of the Week
He speaks great English, just prefers not to in media settings: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2522884/Mauricio-Pochettino-using-interpreter-...
I thought I liked Bradley Johnson after he pulled that same move on Joey Barton and held up the "your breath stinks" sign, but what he did with Rémy there is d...
Sergio Ramos lifting up his hand for offside... while keeping Vargas onside by a mile...
Fantastic prediction. You should put money on that. Personally, I have money on Hull City going on and winning the Champions League, so I won't be putting any ...
He did miss a couple good chances in this game...
5 years ago
Why does footytube never have fulham highlights!?
Love that messi's first move of his "wonder" goal was leaving that little p.o.s. marcelo in the dust. note to kids: when confronted with opponent who stamps o...
6 years ago
In fairness to carroll, he did a fantastic job putting himself into a goalscoring position. wide open goal. what was going through his head other than passing t...
Well they have to cover up "calciopoli: edición español" somehow...
Getting closer to pele's record one header at a time
I stopped reading your essay after the first sentence but if you really feel it necessary to write that much trying to defend your terrible terrible team then i...
Help Barca!?!?!?!?!? Madrid just had 3 points gifted to them AGAIN by a referee!!! What do you call the Mallorca game, a just victory? Give me a break....
Nani is one of those players who will go down after getting hit by a slight breeze. For him not to go down when getting tackled by a "2 footed" challenge from K...
I'd like to see Pele head a ball like that
De gea is 1.93 meters, taller than most on the pitch
Dzeko assisted both goals in this game and has been having a stellar season... 13 goals in 15 appearances.
Kannva, are you suggesting that Barcelona play without a goaltender? do you understand football formations at all?
Congratulations. you win the internet.
@Jcsmadrid: Surely, then, you see the hypocrisy of taking the high moral road when calling out players from other teams?
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