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Pfft, and your players don't need to do it because they play for UEFALONA.
6 years ago
@ DrTruth: Mourinho does not use it because Real Madrid is an attack-focused team and are not like Chelsea.
FYI, Real Madrid beat Barca in the finals of last years Copa Del Rey (Equivalent to FA Cup in Spain), and drawed the last two times they were in Camp Nou. But c...
That penalty was wrongly given.
I believe Madrid will make it to the final, but beating Bayern by a close margin.
Good luck with that my friend!
In your dreams mate, Real will win against Bayern and will will this year's CL. Sorry to say that, but its the truth.
Chelsea will get support from all the teams and its fans from all over the world who have been discriminated and have been cheated against by the referees worki...
You will go to hell with the referees and the UEFA.
The first one can be said as a penalty as it can be given; but so was the foul on Ibramovic. The second one was nowhere near a foul; short-pulling always takes ...
They weren't dives - the defenders left their legs hanging in the box! The ref did not give the penalty because it was Osasuna's home and also it would change t...
Gay-celona trolled!
Are you kidding me? Ronaldo and tap-ins? Maybe you confused him with Messi!
I wanted to say the same thing mate!
I would like to see Messi pull that 40 yard screamer off! Ronaldo is the best player right now, as he has a flair about him. Football is about entertainment!
Awesome play be Ronaldo. He set up all the three goals and almost set up the fourth (the one Benzema missed)! Hala Madrid!
@Pedmar: True dat mate!
All the Liverpool overestimate themselves. Talk when you have won against QPR! lol!
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