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11 months ago
Someone either needs to tell footytube to not include videos from the arsenal blogger on youtube who posts the score as the thumbnail OR ask the aforementioned ...
12 months ago
1 year ago
You forgot about the world cup goal he disqualified LULZ
Why is it that every time Man U lose there is no proper highlights video of the match? its been two freaking days man.
To all those idiots who say Messi can't score without Xavi and Iniesta, I ask you to watch him play with Argentina. OH wait, you say that he can't score withou...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Probably the worst article I have read recently.
Remind me why Pepe is still allowed to play?
He needed to change his pants before the smell got unbearable.
2 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Looks like Madrid is still just all talk. Better luck next time kiddos ;)
Hahahaha so true!
Well said, blackhands and i don't know how someone can disagree with facts :)
Instead of blaming the players of each team we need to open our eyes and see who really is to blame for this- Jose Mourinho. You say Barca is a team of divers/...
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