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If you look at the team next to my username, you'll understand that I only have space for one team which promises heaven and earth, then turns out pretty rubbis...
8 years ago
Haha nice...nice...but it hurts though :(
3 points in the fa cup? Haha jokes :-)
WHAT A f*****g MISS!!!!!!!!
What an absolute legend!
Yes this is what I've been saying all season long! Jozy Altidore is massively, massively underrated because he's a Yank. He is actually a smaller, nimbler versi...
Bet y'all feel a bunch of right nitwits now eh?
What the heck is the 'BPL' anyway? There's no such thing! There's the 'EPL' and the 'SPL', but no such thing as a British Premier League, how can you not know t...
Talk about rolling over and taking a beating...Costa Rica can play better than this. Probably the weight of the name 'Brazil'
What a surprise - sour Gooner grapes. Whatever shall we see next, a catholic pope? If you hate City so much, then do your talking on the pitch. You got bashed 3...
These are the same Arsenal fans who once began booing Thierry Henry toward the end of his last season there, after all he'd done for them. You know what? Maybe ...
Dunno why Arsenal fans never admit when they deserved to lose a game, It's always someone else's fault, never their team's bad performance. Simply put, if you'r...
I think this game was sold...too suspect the way they played, especially their finishing which is usually top class...
Last I checked, how good was Everton's passing and defending? Hmmnn...that's right, worst goal difference and least goals scored in the premiership. Keep out of...
Everyone likes Jozy :-)
Y'all should support your team instead of getting on a single player's back. Anyone who watched the game will tell you that Lucas was actually one of the bright...
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