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Somere wrote in On Danyulzs wall
7 years ago
I like Torres if he stays fit. He is the only one finishing these days for Liverpool.
8 years ago
If I were traveling in Europe, Old Trafford and Anfield would be at the top of my list. Yokohama international stadium in Japan was pretty sweet.
I think his instinct in the penalty area says it all. His quality riddles the mind, stupefies the senses, and embarrasses the defense. In terms of pure striker,...
I agree with the notion that the problem is in the midfield. Without someone to feed and support Torres, they just aren't creating enough quality chances to con...
Torres is magical in the box. He simply gets the ball in the back of the net. An entertaining combination of strength, speed, and cleverness. Drogba is a beast....
Particularly in the box, it seems that strikers are no longer of one mind. They have a nose for two things, a goal or a dive. It seems as though they'd be just ...
Gotta love defenses simply giving goals away. Cole and Spector, if only you placed those deft touches at the other end of the pitch.
Josie Altidore. Finally an American outfield player worth watching in the Premiership. He looked good. Real good.
While insight and general football knowledge play a huge role, I think the real key is the pacing and tone. It's not just the crescendo before a huge chance, bu...
Whatta thief. 1378
IPOD app would be sweet. You should do one for the videos and one to track your fantasy team.
Yep, totally overrated. But here's the thing, he's got style. He's a media darling and on and off the field he turns heads. I do think he has speed and can get ...
I know it's easy, but I agree with the top three for three very particular reasons. 1. Because Pele made "soccer" a professional sport in the US before the MLS ...
You have to bring up the questions that arose about Spain's defense from the CONCACAF loss to the US. Certainly we deserve a slice of credit for quality under p...
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