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Silly stupid Arsenal supporters. Lucky? HAHA, be afraid
4 years ago
Wow, absolutely wow
5 years ago
Yay! SUCK IT ARSENAL! Newcastle and Spurs are gonna sneak into 3rd and 4th now
I LOVE Walker, even more now with his LA Dodgers hat :D
Balotelli = italian c**t Lescott = hairless bitch
6 years ago
Announcer is HORRIBLE! He sounds so unnatural
Although it was just Venezuala, I think the US team moved the ball around nicely and we saw some nice work between Bunbury and Shea. My biggest problem is tha...
Ronaldo needs to leave Madrid, they are holding him back. I would argue he is better than Messi since he does it all by himself
In this game. Real Madrid was complete trash, dirty dirty players, disgusting.
Pepe and Busquets are pure trash
Imagine the money you could have won putting it on Spurs for the title
Says the poor lil gunner who couldn't hold onto him
Even as a Spurs supporter I love Henry. Guess that shows that MLS really isn't that bad after all...
LOL, calm down you Reds. Remember who you are playing ;)
Das ets gut ya? GET DOWN! GET TO THE CHOPPA!
COYS! All this talk about us finishing top 3 is premature, come on its only 1/2 way through season. Hopefully we don't have our meltdown like the past 2 years....
Spurs should have won it quite a few times. Of course Chelsea could have as well. Great game
Barca was VERY lucky in this game in every goal but the last. Ronaldo was incredibly unlucky. that's football though
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