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Congrats on the great comeback!
10 months ago
I'm obviously biassed, but this is the worst Madrid in the last 10 years
Yeah, he keeps opening his legs for Suarez
Obviously we're biassed, but I saw a foul against Messi that should have been a PK, a foul on counter attack in which the last man fouled on purpose and should ...
I can never find a good stream, how do you guys watch the games?
@Danny4414 the Quran does NOT promote violence. Jihad is referring to "the struggle", as in the daily struggle we all go throughout our lives and on a daily bas...
1 year ago
@SanchezAlexis my argument is for peace not for war brother. Look at my posts, I'm just as critical of the US actions in the Middle East. Any aggressor not allo...
@SanchezAlexis if you havent noticed these terrorist groups have openly stated they are against the western world. So as a figure of speech yes, Canada, France,...
@Franky. It's definitely not ethically correct, I agree that we should focus on the well being of EVERYONE not just economically powerfull nations. There's SOOO...
Let's hope they all get better before the clasico, including Messi hehe
@SanchezAlexis clearly you're very passionate about this. Passion and emotion at times prevents your from being Objective rather than subjective. I welcome our ...
It's alright. Look forward to an educated discussion on your wall. Cheers
@Rafey I'm simply promoting an exchange of ideas, I welcome to hear your educated opinion
I second that @TheCheshireCat, and that's essentially what I'm arguing for in my original post.
Hikmat please read my post again, I recognize there's a Geopolitical war going on, but failure to see there's a difference in ideologies is just as big of a dan...
Absolutely agree that throughout history there has been Christian radicals, including modern day. If you look back at my post, I clearly differentiate between M...
Human nature, your first concern is if your house or your neighbors house is on fire
I've been part of this site since it's beginnings I'm very aware of that. Loving football does not mean we can not voice our opinions on something that will cle...
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