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Wat een kut muziek zeg... pfftttt
4 years ago
Sheesh, I've been checking the site every week but I didn't see any notification of this post. Sorry for replying so late man.
5 years ago
Alright Daniel , thanks for the friend accept thers 2 cools 4U , I saw your one of the few people that actualy post in the Feyenoord chat. Would be great if w...
I normally don't agree with an ajax fan but he's spot on here...
Nervous music is nervous
That's 2 games in a row where Ronaldo wasn't celebrating the goals. Good clearance though by Ramos.
Schaken is getting more confident, that's a really good sign. Last few years he looked kinda scared when going for those 1 on 1's and now he can't stop doing it...
Dutch commentators were praising Robben for how dangerous he was in the game. I have to be honest, I want him out of the team. Badly. He doesn't cross and he'...
Not to mention, just watched the Korea - Brazil game and again they're just passing it around like it's a training session. These guys know they're good and the...
Look, I dislike the current Brazilian squad but I do admire how they use the Olympics to build a team that will represent the country for the world cup. And ye...
Are you blind? Can't you see that they're playing on a third gear and don't even feel the need to step up their game...
For me, Brazil is just showing why they're the most dangerous team for the next world cup. They win horrible games, they've got an amazing young side and they'r...
Fair win or not, it really doesn't matter. Brazil came with 2 goals for these Olympics and they are accomplishing both with ease. A lot of countries should lea...
The game itself, was a weird one. Melo made some weird choices in the game but I think we can all agree that the dutch didn't play their normal game during this...
Red, sorry but you're just being silly. Kuyt was benched at Liverpool but that wasn't because he was a horrible player. The club bought players for the future a...
Posted above ^
Hope Portugal/Spain don't go diving all over the place and ask for red/yellow cards an entire game again.
I think most of us dutchies aren't that confident this time. We haven't been hit with a lot of injuries and our main players are still doing an amazing job at t...
They know each other from the dutch league you dumb ass
6 years ago
Totally agree with you, they're the masters of defending and getting a lucky goal to win. But this was just awkward.
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