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Lol.. typical chelsea fans bashing their own players
5 years ago
The irony
What happened, Barca? haha
6 years ago
@ Royal Madrid I enjoy Barca getting a taste of their own medicine as much as the next guy but your statement about Drogba, "he doesn't fall that much in any ot...
Hahaha.. because Arsenal hasn't won a trophy in over 6 years. funny.
Aresnal for one. They had money but sure as hell didn't spend any of it as close to what City is doing now.
@Otari By that logic, your team should have one every single domestic match ever since that Arab guy took over your club.
Bit rich coming from a fan of the team that scored an obvious offside goal yesterday.
I agree, hypothetically if that was a legit penalty then it was a sending off as he was the last man. The sending off is not the problem but the offside that wa...
You see what you want to see. Other fans see Man Utd playing not to their fullest and yet still win. They can't explain it, so they resort to other explanations...
@Ranndino Sorry to burst your bubble but if Cech plays against Barca than your reasoning is mute. Because even you admit that Cech is the main reason why they'r...
Stop it with the conspiracy theories. If I were you I'd worry about a team that hasn't won a single trophy in the last six years. What is that? That's a conspir...
1. The cold hard fact is they're not in the La Liga. So, no point in even disussing that. 2. La Liga is the best league in the world? Says who? Is it official?...
Players make the team in the most literal sense. I wouldn't go as far to say that the United team this season is the worst ever but their performance for the wh...
@Mumbleinriddles I agree with AlexandreTheGr8. Lampard was mentioning City's performance in this particular game. Instead you talk attack Chelsea personally. W...
@Miks1968 Well, I guess your ignorance caught up to you, at last.
I can't believe I read through all that just find out there wasn't any point to your, for lack of a better word, rant. You need to work on your language/writing...
Camaraderie is always nice, mate.
@Potatochips Not to mention the obvious, but United IS the most decorated club domestically in English football. If it walks like a duck, If it quacks like a d...
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