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Liverpool fc, been a season ticket holder 11 yrs now been going regular 15 yrs do most the away games and a few aways in europe too. like rangers barcelona and boca juniors
Manure, slur alex ferguson, most manure fans (although it has been documented that a few do sustain some degree of intelligence) everton, goodison park, chavski and the F.A
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Funny a chavski fan commenting on diving, we forgot that drogba never dives, the 1st bit of dishonest play from a liverpool player in yrs and its headline news,...
8 years ago
Cool profile picture!
We know about the hatred of the two sets of fans, but watchin this you could feel it to, wow would love to go to this fixture along with river vs boca, ajax vs ...
Oh right so when england play scotland your telling me it is not an international game??? so when the 2 side met in euro 96 (a tournament contested between COUN...
Have you? i bet i have been more times than you
Wow you really dont understand english humor, you have to be american hahaha ....unbelievable
Do they? well i never, can i just say thank you for sharing this with me, i am eternally grateful. perhaps i can donate a portion of my brain to you, or maybe i...
My points are your team was out classed, out thought, and out fought, and reina didnt have to be there.. meaning are defence was outstanding, seriously is that ...
Love reading the petty excuses from manure!! i was at the game yesterday, the only thing reina did was run the full length of anfield when ngog scored, otherwis...
Dont mean to sound like a know it all but the oldest international derby is between england and scotland, the 1st being contested in glasgow in 1872. however i ...
Good luck for us and Liverpool - they need a lot more then us :-) JR
Haha thank mate, you gotta stick it up them manc lad, they think they know it all and know nothing :)
Good work with the Koolomer comment mate. I found it quite funny.
Barcelona Liverpool or any team, I love that game like you never dreamed, The pace, energy, happiness and sorrow It blows my mind like they is no tomorrow. ple...
Oh sorry koolomer us mere mortals thought that if you score a hat-trick you are a top goal scorer sorry. Do you have anymore advise and expert knowledge you can...
Interesting game next week, very interesting. i dont know if am gutted about cech playing or not, on his current form i wish he was playing. i certainly dont th...
Good point mate, its just one of my pet hates, they sometimes need to look aside from what they hear or read in the press and look at the whole picture, and not...
All the so called liverpool fans on here at the start of the season that were saying "get rafa out" and "liverpool can kiss goodbye to the prem" i wonder, whats...
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