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I wouldn't be talking about winning silverware if i were you
6 years ago
Hey man i play u for the footy tourney...let me know wen u can play...my time zome is gmt+10
Been trying to contact Robert (robert-619_rock) (real madrid)....posted messages on his wall and a sent a friend request but no reply...this is the second game ...
Hey man, i play u for the fifa tournament. My psn is dalger18. let me know what times u can play by writing on my wall. my time is gmt+10. thanx
Hey man ill be on between 9pm-1030pm my time today
Dustin, dalger18 Oppomnent: Adib, adib271 Comented on his wall and sent him messages on ps3 but no respond.
Ive been trying to contact adib271 this whole week. i wrote on his wall, sent him messages on ps3 network but no responses, and he hasnt even accepted me as a ...
Awesome game by chelsea, go blues!
Hey man thanks for the add...so when did u want to play the match for the footy tourney? i already added u on my ps3 jus need to know when u can play. my time ...
Cmon guys we know whos the best out of our group....n art wat happened..i dont think u beat me once!
1. Dustin 2. Ready 3. No team changes unless Igufa agrees to it Lyndon, my psn is dalger18, not Dalger18. thanks
I play him all the time....i beat him everytime
1. Dustin 2.PSN: dalger18 3.Chelsea
1. Dustin Alger 2.dalger18 3. Chelsea
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha why are you hiding from us Dustin.
Respect to chelsea!! is ah good team!!
Cant wait for chelsea to beat inter
7 years ago
This game was boring...both teams were too defensive
Good job everton...they showed they have some depth with key players like fellani and cahill out
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