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5 years ago
Last time i checked people talked city on this forum, now all of a sudden its nba miami heat forum. King James bla bla, won one title and people are jumping on...
I agree with you dilla and city as a team played very well particularly silva i thought......
Hahaha ok i will go now as i have said enough and you blueheart keep on posting your clueless messages as I watch Edin bang in goals and i would most prefferabl...
Hahah yea claiming myself clever. Not really its just simply common sense but apperently not for all of us it seems. Let me guess?? Your next start up commen...
And yes hes my boy, my countryman and hes touch is off sometimes and a superb striker imo but when people start posting idiotic comments when they have no idea ...
Im sorry mod but this guy blueheart is blatantly insulting one of our city players by callim him s**t. Say I am not right??? He says he doesnt like how our bes...
And it is not 10 man arsenal Its city taking control of the game and not letting arsenal into the game when your up 2 0.... kapishhhh or yea maybe coaching wo...
Yes blueheart people should come and ask you who played well and deserved the award. You should maybe start a career in football recruiting it seems you have a...
AND Take a wild guess why he would even be mentioned to win the award??? Wooow simply ridiculous......
Nobody said anything about a motm award. He scored played very well yet you call him "s**t" just amazes me how clueless you are. Get to learn football before ...
Dzeko played very well even for that missed penalty. It is apperent that most of you on this forum dont have a clue about football and I will stop reading your ...
6 years ago
Whatever dude if poeple vote for him they vote for him but youvere poking with dzeko this dzeko that, who cares what you think.....
U damn right u got something against that???? u madrid biaaatch. Go back to your cave clown.
I think Mancini doesnt deserve to sit on the bench he is way too cautious of a manager and full of excuses when he loses and constantly never has enough of good...
You just hate my cuz im black. I'm gonna report you for racism
You can talk s**t while your hidden behind a screen you little pathetic piece of s**t. It would be fun stomping your ass in person just considering your stupid...
Oh wait then I meant why do you guys constantly get awarded penalties for soft fouls that are barely goal scoring chances??? Hope this helps!!!
Why do you guys constantly get awarded penalties???
Man, intentionally stepping on someones finger with cleats is unaccaptable and he should be banned for many games imo. Just because messi has been terrorizing ...
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