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Yes, i think webb did a very great was really difficult with all those karate kicks flying around.i think he really showed very well to the players and t...
7 years ago
They played well the whole cup,though they lost their first match to the swiss.barcelonas precision passing is incorporated in the wc.dey say its too much passi...
Til spain came in the picture!ahaha
HAHAHAHA f****d up camera man?he should have hit the cameraman himself not just the camera!!!!
Ghana is such a wild card for this wc.
Yes,coz dey dont deserve to qualify, just like dey dont deserve to win the cup last 06!
Its amazing how dey fckd up bendtner,iz like hes not even there!man,japanese football is d shieet!the thought seeing them in the finals is scarrry!!!keep doin w...
Thanks bro!
8 years ago
Hala! mucho gracias!
Let them good young footballers from cebu, iloilo bacolod, dumaguete play!let them play!
Will it be played by espn live in the cable television?pls let me know coz i will be somewhere far from my internet..thank yu yu guys are the best!
Henry wasnt even in the mood playing that time.maybe due to respect of the club i think, i notice him intentionally kicking the ball in the defenders direction....
Crrus try these on Tuesday. Mes Que Un Club. :-) I have tried all ...
Hey saw your comment...if you want to watch the the last Barca match go to or and you can watch the full match. It goes back about two wee...
Guyz!pleez let me know an oppurtunity to watch the full match.pls send me a message. thank you!!!!!!!
Guardiola,u betta not mess up!not mess up!u know ur the reason why we lost the copa del rey and you know that! u know ur decisions sometimes need to be thought ...
Yes michelle. i think that penalty ibra took in their previous game in la liga took away the badspell around ibra's legs!ahaha.puyol is good but barca will be a...
Backward thinking peeps still exist thats why super mario is not happy.fckinracists.all his efforts and achievements for the club is stepped upon by racists.let...
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