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Just a quick straw poll, who would u have bough on bendtner or chamakh?
7 years ago
Not all arsenal fan think the job is done. still only half way. by same token, many were saying barca were through even b4 game was played
Matt - that's more like it - well argued comments. i knew i'd bring it out of you. cant knock the fact that u'v conceded the fewest goals consistently. but u g...
Intelligent comment but disagree about szczesny (props for knowing how to spell it). i think the boy looks unphased. throw him in the deep end i say. as for wi...
Oops pressed wrong button. disliked matts comments. matt dont forget u'v got rashley from where. as 4 jt - all i can say is diaby cup final - remember!? remaind...
Defo offside
Agree with 777 that they could do better but also with doug that this current batch haven't. imo this match could be a big turning point in the development of ...
Btw that comment was @ ben, not matt. it clearly cdnt mean chelsea. not this year at least. sorry m8
Yeah i've come across quite a few too. see you in the title race ;)
Cant argue about vidic. he'd make world xi
@matt93 i think reidscott predicted your comment even b4 you posted. if you r to challenge me do so with intelligence and wit, not personal comments. grow up
Thanks chaps, will defo explore and try to educate them on the beautiful game. see you around the site and if not will defo post here on return leg. would w...
@juvefan cant dispute ball hit hand twice, but do you think it would've been fair to award a pen for either? arshavin for example had his eyes closed when it h...
Welcome mate!! Glad to have you! Do some surfin' and check out the whole will be hooked for sure! I started you out with 2 cool votes!!
Just signed up to the site. mainly becos there r so many arsenal-haters. the site is called footytube (not chelseatube or manutube). comments shd be on the foot...
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