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4 years ago
Ctoney just Watched
Ctoney just Watched
Best Game I've seen in a LONG TIME!!!
5 years ago
OMG Gareth Bale is is like FIFA in real life
All around great game to watch, but not for Newcastle Fans lol
6 years ago
Some of the worst refereeing I have ever seen... Liverpool is just bringing more pain to my heart.
The final 13 minutes have to be the best final 13 minutes of football I have ever seen in my life!
That was Awesome the Spaniards play with so much passion.
Ha ha Man City you can buy players but you can't buy wins
Liverpool why must you bring pain to my heart ;( We were doing so well D:
I love it when ManU looses LOL
Arab commentary is wild its like he's commentating on UFC and someones getting their face pounded!
Bellamy has really stepped up
Yeah Carroll was such a waste. He's slow, fat, and can't hit the target.
LIVERPOOL Ahhhhhhh!!! :( I'm just going to go cry now... JK JK but for real :(
Great game from espanol good to see Barca work
This will be good for Liverpool's confidence
Great game Neymar to europe soon?
This is the worst day ever I got an F on a exam lost 3 times in a row in Fifa 12 to ruin my undefeated record and now I found out Liverpool lost 1 - 0 to Fullha...
Barcelona has the best build up plays i have ever seen in my life
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