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1 week ago
We should go for Bale, definitely!! We need new wings and he is one of a handful of players that are suited for the job.
^St1or: Are you suggesting that Barca did us/Pep a favor by letting us score some? For real?!!! pfffff
What rumor? What source?
2 weeks ago
Spot on. He always plays with the necessary passion one needs to play on top level. Very happy he joined our team this season.
No doubt about that. and if they had to defend this force they would have surely been more conservative dropping forward.
Congratulations. Go and win it now, I ll be rooting for you! I hope that next year we will have the chance to meet up again, and this time both sides with a f...
At least we put up a good fight and gave them a glimpse of what could have happened in this tie if we had a fully fit and hungry squad. I know that this Bayern ...
Ok... acceptable 30 first minutes. Nice effort, still sooo counter prone though, it hurts my heart watching my team defending like this. I am switching off, nev...
It must be BS but I wouldnt mind...
Zlatan’s Individual Ratings Lionel Messi: 100 Neymar: 9 Manuel Neuer: 9 Jerome Boateng: Deceased Pep Guardiola: Fraud Zlatan: Pleased LOL!! Got to ad...
There are too few players with that "it" factor you are refering to. Finding replacement for those two will be really, really difficult... and pricy!!! Götze...
Season is over for Bayern. Decent season for the club's standards, but again with a big deflation and a consecutive big loss to another top european team in the...
Messi = God
Congratulations. Clearly Messi is the best of the best of the best... and Barca is Nr.1 this season, no doubt about that!!!
And this is for us to get psyched ;)
3 weeks ago
This is Pep's stage for sure:
Well, the higher you stand, the farther you fall. I am ok with it though, because I know that with a fully fit squad we could crush any side. Now, from a reali...
The team is totally deflated. The situation is bad...Barca is going to kill us.
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