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This game was incredibly boring until the last few minutes when Messi showed us all his brilliance yet again. And I also love how Madrid fans are calling this a...
7 years ago
I'm glad Schalke won (I really don't like Valencia anyway). I'm also glad that Raúl scored. Even though I'm a diehard Atletico fan I still respect Raul a lot (...
Christ. This game looked like it was fantastic. Pity I missed it
I'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks that Spain's latest jersey is utter s**t.
I'm ambivalent about the new French jersey. I thought that their last Adidas design was really bad though so while I see this as an improvement I don't think it...
"Messi is like the flux capacitor for this team" what does that even mean? that he can take them back in time?
Great game. i disagree with most of the press's declarations that the first goal was offside. if it was, it was by a hair.
Man, ibra is a machine. it's clear he belongs in italy, it's where he is most comfortable. His patient, powerful style suits it well. I don't think Spain was mu...
This was a football orgasm, football of the highest quality. Superbly executed. Classic Barcelona example of tiki-taka. Way to shut Mourinho up. The Spanish pre...
AUPA ATLETI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AUPA ATLETI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic goal from Busquets
Clos Gomez strikes again!!
It's really a shame drogba is out. I have tickets for Ivory Coast's game against Brazil and now it will be without Drogba. Without Didier, their chances definit...
QUE GOLAZO DE AGUERO!!! i hope we keep him!! but it's understandable if other powerhouses want him!
What this comment section needs is a comment from someone who is ACTUALLY an Atletico Madrid fan and has been for many many years. This one has never compromise...
8 years ago
"ibra convierte su primer gol en la liga" that's actually not true. ibra scored a goal against sporting in la liga. sorry to have to be "that guy". I wish this ...
AUPA ATLETI! excellent match by my favorite team ever!! I've said it before and i'll say it again: perez burrull is the worst referee in Spain. at least he had ...
I don't know how perez burrull can continue to ref. This is not the first time that he's made severe mistakes whilst officiating a match. Spain has an unfortuna...
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