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Whys biggs mum having a dump on her only going out top?
6 years ago
Posatives,, de gea was spiffing we still have a chance in this cup and the league is most important..shame it gives m.u.f.c haters a chance to stroke their ween...
I cant see them shaking hands prob more in a naked clinch rolling in money,,considering the money the tevez has you would think he would look a bit less like bl...
Coz he was found guilty of racism pinching evra throwing his hand shake back in his face and being an all round rat toothed diving lattice no other reasons..whe...
Sort your peepers out you loon....he was racist to evra pinched him on telly got proven guilty and evra still offerd his hand and that rat toothed fool blanked ...
Yep that cant catchitus he has is the worst case iv viewed in years,,,,,,he will come good one day,,,spiffing times.
Wow that goal was a gift.aids
Ha ha mint its true ye got me ohhhhh noooooo
Theirs no doubting the kid you could truly build a team around him and sturridge their the future i you think you will hold on to rvp,
True im sure ye will be sorted by the end of the season i think mata is class,,,,and your not the only ones with midfield probs half ours are in casualty with o...
Big problems in the arsenal trophy cabinet atleast its easy to clean..ohhhhh nooooooo
I thought chelsea had a couple of good sighnings and would be strong this year but they just look unbalanced and half assed..i feel sorry for torres...
Yep and we play blackburn next that could be an xmass roasting for them...and the presures off united were in transition and have not spent 300 mil,,,
Not that fussed he's past his best..
Agreed a horses ass with donkey teeth.
I agree but he wont get every game like the slightly better players will and thats a fact or fergie would play him all the time and like i said we do need him,,...
Witch horse suarez..
He,s a hard worker and nice lad but no prem winning player like roo vid rio and such yet right now we need the kid..
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