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4 years ago
Nope, can't and don't agree. Henderson got into good positions and if it weren't for Begovic he would be joint top scorer in the league right now. Not to mentio...
The most excited comment I've seen here is 'not bad, not bad at all...' You can practically feel his erection of excitement.
5 years ago
And Abramovich is the overly fussy wingman of it all.
37 rubbish votes for England? They weren't that bad... barring Hart who along with Ibra won the game for Sweden.
By a mile.
I hope Della is trolling.
Theyve been putting off their team since december? good timing, thats the only time they put any form together. no, it isn't the fans fault. read some of the tu...
In other news, Gary Neville's jizz has drowned 15 people beneath the commentary stand in the wake of Torres' goal.
Wow, you're a moron aren't you.
There will never be a last laugh between Chelsea and Liverpool. Ever.
6 years ago
They aren't though. Dalglish came back and immediatly beat Chelsea when they had just taken torres, hammered Man U 3-0, did the same to Man City and generally p...
Err... yes he can. He did it against United infact.
Go to 2:40 and wait for the laugh. LOL.
I thought Arsenal were just playing themselves.
Did he take an arrow to the knee?
Gerrard will never be that same threat again? Impressive crystal ball there. And yes, Barry is much better then an injured Gerrard. A fit one though...
Same route that rafa's taking us coincidentally. trouble is he's only just been able to put the system in with rick parry (our old ceo) being such a barsteward....
8 years ago
Wrong. shankley went 7 years winning nothing. shankley would not rip rafa because shankley would know what he was going through and support him. and the only re...
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