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You just need 29 teams more to become the first fan of 100 teams!! keep it up!! lol
He constanty gives the ball to the other team in dangerous spots. he hasnt done anything impressive attackwise in 2012
Reis is too old
He cant evan pass , look up ne revolution vs san jose earthquakes in 2012
It was a bad call for the freekick
Sene is a beast
Of course spain get 3 THREE titles in a row
Ugh. blackburn was fine a few years ago. i was actually quite fond of them
I agree with Shazli95 but the new player should be some one from the preimeir legue or the bundusliga
Guardiola is rich famuos and mostly lucky
Yaya deserves it
I agree with Miks1986
First rsl goal was a handball the second rsl ball was not a foul and cardenas shoudnt have got a red how bad the ref is
I am actually guite happy to see Guardiola leave. He is a great coach and i love the way he has made Barca play. I, however, wnat to see barcalona play in a dif...
Yes no exuses. u lost and u better admit it
Ronaldo is not gay. U only say that cuz ur jealous bout his supremicy to ur little messi
Either way, wouldnt sami be behind the ball wen it was played
Hes hust a ronaldo fan. Ronaldo used to play at man u
U r such a gr8 fan. I hate barca fans cuz they r such sore loozerz. u r not
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