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6 years ago
@calumLUFC he did not turn up in WC? only cz he doesnt score goals it doesnt mean he did not turn up u dump ass.. he made 4 assists! 4!!!!!!!!! how many assists...
Lol... u cant say there the same of typ right? zizu could only dream to scores goal like messi :)
And now anyone says that barca would not win the premier league.. they won outstanding against the two best team in england manu and arsenal.. and they won agai...
Manu fan wants barca to loos cz they dont want to get asskicked again.. :)
Lol.. and what about park? hahahahahahha.. come shut ur mouth if u dont know anything bout barcelona.. u dont even look the matches.. busqets is world cup winn...
Haha.. mr wenger.. he aint a good looser :)
7 years ago
Kuyt didnt wanted to do that.. he wanted to chip it over to van nistelroy.. u can c it if u look at hes reaction :) but yeah it was pretty nice.. :)
To all madrid fans who are crying bout that they play s**t.. its not that madrid is bad.. its just that this generation of barcelona is better.. look at the poi...
@henkkaa come and shut ur mouth.. damn real fan.. arsenal was paralyzed like real when we cut ur damn eggs off.. 0 shots on goal.. and yes alves is right.. vanp...
Messi is amazing every game..
Messi doesnt need rest.. he need goals.. thats everything he wants.. if u take him out or u dont let him play he is getting angry.. ;)
Im a big barca fan.. and this shouldent be against madrid.. i just think that real madrid should stop playing with 2 DM... even im a barca fan i real whatch eve...
Hey where are ur stupid comments now u damn ass bitch?? :) 0-0 hahaha... real sucks man.. no sign of teamwork.. just f*****g onehead assholes! :) 7 points it ...
Fc barcelona likes to play against offensiv teams.. thats wy i dont want to face inter milan again.. but from the next round on every team is able to kick barca...
Even i dont think almeria played the best soccer, this evening shows the world that the next generation of barca are rdy for the team.. why buy good players for...
Nolito and thiago are from B.. the rest of the team was from the sub ;)
It was the barca A sub team.. only nolito was from the B :) but yes the got damn kracked ;)
Hes not a striker as messi is.. i dont think he will be the next messi.. i thinks hes kind of a iniesta ;)
Yeah.. barca let it look like its so easy.. if barca would play in england or italy.. it would be boring to.. haha ;)
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