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I was so devastated when they were 4 up, but stayed on 4 da love of my team and in the end it was F**KING WORTH IT!!!
5 years ago
It's called zonal marking...go check that up..=)
Show some respect man, it's disgusting to see a fellow gooner with this kind of mentality..
When sagna and wilshere returns, we'll be more dangerous...sagna can deliver perfect crosses and wilshere will just terrorize the midfield...the prob now is to ...
Yeah can't believe i actually jumped and celebrated a chelsea goal lol... hope the outcome is similar at anfield..
7 years ago
Honestly speaking, i don't quite fancy his 1st touch.. hez good at scoring i'll give u that, but his first touches are awful...against barca, we have to keep th...
We still have djurou n koscielny..i don't think squillaci will make the cut..
@Arsenal4great, Zhudayong: u guys make a lovely gay couple..
Shitty is just like real madrid..year after year they spend loads on bringing new players yet in the end they're not getting anywhere...its not about getting ne...
Hahaha..shitty paid s**t for toure n now hez caught on drugs..shows how shitty is manshitty..
Gotta add 1 more..u have to play us at da emirates as well... but in da end its arsenal 4 da title i guess..=p
Once u leave arsenal u bcome sh**..
Barca dominated the whole game but in the end arsenal won..its not about dominating the match..the goals are what's important..
@fadfadello: dude u really have some issues to resolve...
Superb goal by meireles..Torres seemed to be firing on all guns again..hope u guys recover..u don't deserve to be out of the top 4..
U sure know a lot bout balls don't ya? haha..sorry i couldn't resist..
We don't need bendtner..shud get rid of him..
Nasri was exceptional a way, its good that koscielny will be out for awhile as i think djurou would do a better job than him..we need at least one mor...
How sore can you get mate?? ...who wouldn't be happy when they win? oops i 4got..haha
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