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5 years ago
Whos this commeentator on espn? hes done an excellent job and has a terrific voice i think better than all bbc guys out there
Yeah most true...Kaka's a beast i dont understand why mourinho benches him while RM is struggling and simply disintegrating... he should have left them already...
Thunder Zolt strikes
Without casillas they would have been around the middle of the table by now...what a legend...even on that pitch no1 as of now
Love how french players can play football and tennis at the same time
Made in china from the inside and out
Those defenders were acting like they are in imax 3D
What a bullet from gerappa
Where are the barcafan comments?
6 years ago
Barca has two types of goals: 1. tic-tac, tic-tac 2. messi dribble-dribble-dribble and rely on 75% possession de balon. Effective but very boring
It could have been 10-1 we all know it with a different keeper. Proud 2 b hungarian
Benayoun is one of the most underrated in EPL
Their famous luck seems to have left them more recently
I wonder how these commentators look like when it comes to a goallike situation.
Justin bieber>lady gaga
To barca and RM debaters. IMO RM plays a nicer football than FCB. Sure they have world class players and pass the ball very well, but a lot of times they score ...
Pretty much in the title race business for sure
VDS woulda saved the plain as day
And instead of some new football skills they came up with new jersey. Well at least theres something.
They always have superstars with awful managers recently. With that lineup you should have crushed half europe. Even the highlights was boring man.
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