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Think Cleverly will thrive in Villa. Less pressure, too much won't be expected of him.
1 day ago
Love the back four. Balotelli probably won't see the field that quick. Or IMO he shouldn't see the field that quick. You saw what happens to people with only a ...
3 days ago
Is that transfer fees? That can't be the combined team salary. If so, wow that's low. They are still in the league I would expect they earn at least a living wa...
Johnson deserves to be slammed. It was obvious that the three city goals came from Lovren and Moreno not understanding one another. That said, Johnson was sti...
Taking Lovren out and replacing it with a Skrtel Sakho duo? Do you remember Skrtel Sakho last season???
4 days ago
I will acknowledge fully that Lovren made several awful mistakes. All of which led to goals. The first two I would blame on Lovren and Moreno not understanding ...
Van Gaals system will work. But only if 1. you have the players to play it and 2. opposing managers don't have the time to prepare a system to disrupt it. He ...
5 days ago
Fergie didn't win the league with 'this lot'. He won with Evra in his prime, Vidic in his prime, RVP in his prime, Rooney in his prime. Scholes and Giggs still ...
Not the player they needed but certainly he has immense quality. Still don't think he makes them a top 4 side.
6 days ago
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