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Why did people get on the Chelsea poster so much, all he did was say 'lol'. I'll admit that it isn't a very productive addition to the conversation, but I would...
@RedFace and I'm saying he didn't feign injury. He tooks studs down the leg, replay clearly shows it. He limped around for about 10 minutes after that. He was c...
Eh. I'm not so sure. Maybe City might have issues if Toure is still out. After that it is hard to see them dropping points. Everton away is going to be a tough ...
@MU4E1999 to me this is a perfect example of people just finding reasons to hate on Suarez. There are legitimate reasons that happen, but this isn't one of them...
Lol Guy can't win with you lot. He stays down and rolls around like any player would have on that challenge, he's embellishing and being a 'cheat' if he gets up...
Dude, watch a replay. He took the guys studs straight down his leg. He was definitely feeling it.
You ever played at a competitive level MU? I doubt it because if you did, you would know studs down the leg hurts, a lot. I know you don't want to give him cr...
West Brom fighting for their lives against City on Monday. What are the odds they can take some points from City at the Etihad? If they were not so close to rel...
Yeah, I see it more as he is so tenacious that he got up right away and tried to join the attack. I'm sure he's probably got some stud marks on his leg as we sp...
That's cool, I like Ramsey!
Well I'm here because I'm trying to get an indication about what you all think Mourinho will do in this situation. You need Liverpool to drop 6 points, so two l...
Have to give some credit to Norwich. That is the best match I've ever seen them play. They are definitely fighting for their lives. Just glad Palace is out of t...
Did you see the replay? He got absolutely raked by the guys studs. That hurt, a lot, if you have ever had that happen to you, you would know.
Eh, don't know what to think about Evra. Just glad that after this season I won't have to worry about it. I'm assuming he is done in the EPL after this year.
The good news? LFC are now mathematically guaranteed 1. Champions League Football and 2. A top 3 finish thereby avoiding the qualifying round. Rejoice!
He was definitely not great but did make a good save against Van Wolfswinkle. More concerning for me was Sakho and the drop off of Lucas and Allen from half one...
Have to think it will be a diamond with Stuzza and Suarez up top and Raheem in behind. That's been the best lineup of late. Plus it allows them to start only on...
Pretty good first half. Nowhere to be found second and missed a sitter....twice.
Lucas and Allen were non existent in the second half. Very concerning.
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Wow, that was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to edgy. Should not have been that close.
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