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All I heard was - "waaahh I'm a baby who thinks every team should play the same style of football." Get over yourself, if there weren't teams still using diffe...
Achiox, I don't do many moves when I play. That's freestyle which is something different, doesn't translate to playing as I'm sure you can imagine. I would b...
Hey Chilldog, ho much do you want to bet I'm way batter than you at soccer/football, whatever you want to call it. I'm f*****g paid to perform freestyle socce...
How much of my comment did you read Statickk14? I clearly said "hardly any refs make that call". You went and found the stat that proves what I said right, th...
It's a rule that the keeper can't hold the ball for that long, just because hardly any refs make that call doesn't mean that it isn't still a rule of the game. ...
Do you do a lot of reading or is it something new for you? Second sentence says clearly Hilario and Mceachran are reserves, I was saying that most of that te...
Half of that starting 11 for Chelsea were definitely not reserves. Mceachran, Lukaku and Hilario were it unless you're trying to say Hazard and Marin are going...
I don't know who's trying to say Sounders were lucky, 2 of Chelsea's goals were massive deflections and Seattle was in control for big parts of the first half ...
The reffing isn't really soft, just super inconsistent. They give super soft calls and then let terrible tackles go, it's a big problem. Plus just look at t...
Or say they feel happy for City.
Cahill's tackle is clearly outside the box. He probably should have been red carded for being the last man but you can't guarantee that Rooney would have score...
6 years ago
Casillas is most definitely overrated.
Dont be such a sour puss Theatreofdream
Nice try AdnanBosnia, as if in the 6-1 game when United went a man down they really put up a fight, City were down a man for much longer than Utd and they almos...
The first one didn't count, they called it offsides. Are you retarded or something?
Because of course United have never stolen points from another team due to favorable referee decisions
Hahaha a Man Utd fan from Germany IanTheGame? Now that's retarded
Silly to even argue that Rooney doesn't dive there. A dive just means you fall down when you wouldn't otherwise have if you gave any effort to stay on your fee...
Welp if youre a united fan i have to assume youre english which should mean you wouldnt have anything to say on US sucking at soccer cause we beat England in th...
Why do people seem to care so much that he doesnt celebrate? he explains it perfectly well, he gets paid to score goals so it isn't a big deal for him when he...
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