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O I see man, ya Im on here so much and always commentating on stuff, and Im so happy Chelsea won Champions League! Did you see it, love it! Chelsea!
4 years ago
Ya I switched computers and was to lazy to sign in but was still visiting on a regular basis.
You never really go on anymore till like yesterday
Can anyone direct to a place where I can download the full match or extended highlights in ENGLISH! thanks in advance!
I believe we can do it as well. Chivas is not a good side , then we get DC ( a winnable game) then off to Phili to visit the union. Who knows we could start at ...
Cant wait for saturday , can we go 2-0? Chivas lost in the final minutes and will not want to start 0-2.
Ya that would be nice , Boc's and JD both played on the backline together with the USMNT. Maybe he can do some convincing , plus were at the top of the pecking ...
Final vs TFC tomorrow on TSN2 or streamed on TFC with the reserves , caps with first should be interesting.
Is this match worth getting up at 5:45 for?
Heard this past week the rumours are complete hogwash , we got Robson Im happy with that!!!
I do remember one scheduled , Im not sure what happened...
Rennie does it again. #23days
Cant really argue with the rankings , I dont mind being under the radar . I think we got a chance at the playoffs just the west is so tough compared to the east...
Love it Birdie!
37 days folks , cant wait!
As chelsea supporters should we be rooting for United or Arsenal? Title hopes still alive or just worry about staying in the top four?
5 years ago
Funny story my buddy played for under 15 whitecaps residency program said they played the womens national team and they WON.
You have got to be kidding meeeeeee!! I mostly watch EPL and I loved their very long and detailed highlights
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