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4 years ago
Deja where are u? u gonna blame the refs and cry again?
5 years ago
Dajelazio1900.. You are pathetic.. Take off your glasses with the colours of Lazio when you watch a game.. You were literally dominated, in both halves.. Befo...
Amazing goal by Ozer!!!!
6 years ago
Not that we played great or anything, but yet we got robbed another 2 points in the last minute.. :/ i'm tired of watching referee's fail every weak in critica...
Obviously, you havent seen the game. kazhak players were on the floor for at least 10 minutes in the second half in different occasions.. we also had a perfectl...
No goals but great football.. especially in the last minutes of the game it could've gone either way
7 years ago
Emre plays in CM with Mehmet Aurelio I think he could definitely play for Aurelio..
I really like Karabukspor's striker Emenike by the way.. He could make a move out to europe or one of the big 3 in the end of this season..
I don't think they're doing it on purpose Sulutas. Even some EPL videos are missing sometimes.
Finally a convincing win.. we have a great squad this season, hope the coach gets his grips on the team fast so we don't lose another championship!
Definitely should've won this one :/
Wow nuri is just amazing, 3 assists such a clever player, hope hiddink sees these performences as well so he will be a regular on the national team.
They should at least remove the ban on mexes after that disgraceful red card..
I really believe some players in Liverpool don't have the capacity to play in such great club..
There's a second game in Istanbul and our injured + suspended are gonna be back.. Meet u there..
Amazing Stevie G!!!
We feed on ur tears :p
8 years ago
Cry more!!
Amazing game, everything in it..
A very VERY VERY disappointing result.. guiza seemed weak as usual and i don't understand daum's statements saying we didn't need transfer in the winter transfe...
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