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Funniest thing i read today. (it's a dry day) thumbs up.
6 years ago
SHINJEIIIII!! i love you but its about time you've scored.
Kagawa looked pretty sharp on those assists
Goddamn i love diego milito. overall i feel like ACM has the better team this season but they sure gifted that goal away.
That entire skirmish before callejon's goal must've been such a butt-clencher for madrid
You know when 5 different players get on the scoresheet good things are coming soon in the future. they really looked great in the highlight reel
Its called mourinhoism. it's a religious order that uses the gouging of eyes to pass judgement on the unfaithful
Pep is a dick! (jk) but really, he plays villa, messi, and iniesta against nobodies? overkill.
Or lucky if you're a lyon fan
It already was and its fine, just unlucky
You get a +1 from me because nutela is delicious
Spain is so damn deep. cesc and mata coming off the bench, jeezzz.
Lol yea i started reading comments and heard another huge cheer from the commentator and i was like, wait i thought it was 2-0 final score?
First 2 goals by each team were class. cesc's header was sick
Time of day doesn't matter, RM will play well. that's a given.
Nuri Sahin not even on the bench... Borrusia Dortmund need him way more than RM does, imo.
Hell yeah they do. the quality i dont mind, but its so slow every single time.
That was an amazing goal!! best by far
Meireles, moutinho, nani, danny are his team. these are all great attackers/midfielders that are the core of the offense and can complement ronaldo's ball skill...
You might hate them but they will still be top 3 this year
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