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If he's so perfect, why doesn't chelsea buy him than?
Google D.O.G.S.O. = Denying and Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity. First of all though it was not a penalty kick because the foul started outside of the box.. ...
2 months ago
Kagawa hasn't played for the past 2 years. Try having a good form when you don't even get a few games in.
Har hardy hardy
Dude your website sucks. stop spamming.
Do you not think that was a foul? or no one was really paying attention to what was happening to Eto?
You guys are cute
Can you like.. loan some money to them maybe
Chukchuk just Watched
You tasted it before?
3 months ago
I wanna get on this train :[
Chukchuk just Watched
Chukchuk just Watched
Wait until sturridge comes back
Mastermind substitution by King Wenger
I see your point Colinmc.. but do you see mine?
Michigan Bucks?
In regards to the pk/no pk decision... from a referees stand point I have to say that it doesn't help Howard Web psychologically when everyone says that "United...
Then why are you here if you're not a fan
Comedy central over here
Somewhere on FootyTube
It was a 100% red card. If Mikel gets Arteta below shin guard, he has a broken leg.
Back to back years 78-79 and 79-80... scary
Oooohhh don't say those words, mods will block you
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