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Puya the Gloryhunter, haha sitting in London and supporting Barca because they were the best team one year (2011) hahahaha
6 years ago
Better win the cl than win the league, the cup(s) and everything else. and lol @ messi, best player in the world can't score a penalty...w00t ronaldo still bet...
True, 99% ball posession and 50.000 passes are not enough to win stupid gloryhunters!!
Real fans 2, gloryhunters 0
Me too, for me tello is not "THE" talent everyone says, he sucks :D
Yep barca sucks, before messi barca had no fans hahaha
Arrogant piece of s**t
Manchester awesome? because of this 2 extreme lucky goals?
I wanna see the 2:2 from the group stage again in barcelona :D
Thank you :D :P
Chelsea awesome? lol i'm no city fan but chelsea sucked
Lol only in bundesliga, no champions league and even no europa league that is embarrassing
Yeah but winning against england means nothing...
Since many many years germany thinks they win the EM or WM, write a billion songs about it and always lose, lose and lose. haha
Haha the torres story is so funny... how to sell a loser for 35.000.000?
Lol and they said they can compete with barcelona xD what a joke, goodbye bayern
Lol Walcott, overrated peace of s**t, every low-class 2nd league kicker would have made a goal...
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