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Most eventful three minutes?.. spoken too soon Gentlemen!
Chrisredfieldjm thought the Swansea City v Liverpool match was good
Chrisredfieldjm gave the Swansea City v Liverpool video a rating of 3
Chrisredfieldjm gave the Barcelona v Sevilla video a rating of 3
Chrisredfieldjm thought the Barcelona v Sevilla match was good
Chrisredfieldjm thought the Villarreal v Real Madrid match was average
Chrisredfieldjm thought the Brazil v Portugal match was good
Chrisredfieldjm thought the Liverpool v Manchester United match was average
Chrisredfieldjm thought the United States v Mexico match was good
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Happy with our team last season??really???
3 years ago
Such a sour face from Ronaldo. When life gives you lemons, Christiano will eat them. He just couldn't sneak one passed the keeper. Real looked good though.
His goal was reminiscent of Henry. Great strike.
Hell I could have done exactly what that keeper did!
Bad angle on the penalty. couldnt tell if it was or not. I guess the ref had a better view.?
Hopefully it ends up better for us than last year and freakin '06.
The ref straight took a dump on the field. Penalty?! Really!? That was the biggest load of crap I've ever seen. Well, not the worst I've ever seen, but still a ...
XO Concurs.
Ha ha ha ha ha. Oops! Where was Butt Boy? Sorry but Cristiano is fast and retardedly good at being at the right spot at the right time. Nani tries to be him, bu...
Everything was in reverse that game, including the roles. It looked like Belgium pretty much owned that game, but z Germans pulled it out with that sneaky goal.
Does that make him a Castrato?
I'm going with B. Once you introduce the replay, it becomes a slippery slope. The NFL isnt as bad as Division I (NCAA) American Football. Every play is reviewed...
Seriously. I get the relegation part, but the rest is random words just thrown together.
The first part of the season was looking nice. It's gone to crab pretty quick though.
Let that sleeping dog lie:)
Fantastic. Just what Liverpool needed for a boost of confidence.
Fantastic strike from Pedersen!
One-Nil to the Arsenal!
Pop that bubble TOONS! Still glad to see you back. Good result.
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