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Nani is a bad sportsman?? He played on b/c the ref didnt blow the whistle. Gomes was an idiot for thinking it was a free kick when the ref didnt blow the whistl...
7 years ago
I hate how ppl discredit utds brilliant performance by saying that milans team is an ageing one and thats the reason that utd won. however, if people know how t...
8 years ago
How were wolfsburg better? obviously a biased view. utd had more and better chances i must say some of utds play were delicious
Ronaldo didnt dive u idiot. he suffered an ankle injury because of that tackle
"why did the ref add 6 mins" that question is making yourselves look stupid. WATCH THE WHOLE VID. they explain it at the end.
Just as BluenoseNo1 explained, stoppage time is the MINIMUM of time added on. rememeber, a fan intruded on the pitch too after bellamy scored and that killed so...
U idiot watch until the end of the vid and they will explain why 6 minutes was added on.
Are you stupid? there were 4 minutes of added time initially because there were FIVE goals scored prior to 90minutes and so the celebrations and restart took up...
How were utd lucky? r ppl blind? utd worked for their goal while city were gifted 2 easy goals. the margin would have been bigger if vds was in goal.
Who says giggs is past it? he cant produce that kind of performance week in week out but he is still a great player. form is temporary class is permanent!
Well i think arsehole fans have no right to talk. where were arsenal for the past 3 years when manutd were dominating? thats right fighting for 4th place. arsen...
It seems like the 6 minutes that was played was only for utd. however BOTH teams got 6 min. enough time to win the game for either team but it was just the fact...
This would have been a comfortable win for utd if it werent for the two stupid mistakes and berbatov's careless finishing. however utd never do it the easy way....
A typical comment from an arsehole fan. it was more of utd outclassing tottenham rather than tottenham being unlucky. heck spurs didnt even create chances even ...
That is definitely intentional from adebayor. look at how his right foot accelerates as it comes down on van persie's face. that was malicious. he had enough ro...
How was utd lucky to win this match? utd created more chances than tottenham outplayed them especially in the first half and finished the chances when the oppor...
Of course chelsea fans hate utd. cause they win everything denying chelsea silverware and also beat chelsea in the cl final ahahahahahahaha thats understandable
We dont deny that utd were lucky. however it dont matter if you win by scoring with your ass or your balls if u score more than the opponent you get the 3 point...
We won the finals in 08 mofo so dont know what u talkin bout as for Naifla, ur just like my mates who are arsenal fans who cry and whine whenver i bring up what...
But again utd showed whose better just like they did in the semis of the champions league. it dont matter how you win as long as you win its all that matters.
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