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His goals against chelsea always seem to make a difference, dont they?
Hell to the yes. i love the dominant chivas midfield, marco fabian and chaton. I'm also glad to see "orrible" finally do something. maybe i'll start calling him...
Cali86, you're the biggest chichatroll on footytube. yah, he's on a world class team and you just talk s**t from behind a computer screen, pussy.
6 years ago
The boring nature of the match has turned me impartial to who actually takes the title. Don't believe the hype
Couldn't be happier with the result. I've been up to here with all of the Madrid and Barça fanboys. Seriously, no two teams should be dominating European footb...
What a clutch purchase Arteta was when Arsenal was down at the beginning of the season. It's Wenger's brilliance and eye for players that has made them my favor...
Dudes, my little brother hacked my footytube account, however, man utd all the way. taught him well
Mancity sucks manutd all the way baby
"Ai Se Eu Te Pego" celebration from Abidal and Dani Alves! haha
Great game from Sturridge since he was participant in both goals. Quite the young talent Chelsea have there.
Iniesta is an absolute baller, his vision and ball retention are extraordinary. I can't believe his strength and composure despite his size. I concede that Mess...
It's a shame Chicharito was injured for this one. Despite some his flaws, he would have fought to the death this game.
When I see Barcelona fans like you, it only makes me hope that Real Madrid knocks your team (which you merely bandwagoned on) off your pedestal. When a US natio...
All hope is lost? Chicharito is a terrible player? You, sir, are a blatant troll. It is further exasperated by the fact that you are a regio de mierda and you ...
I absolutely love the enthusiasm of Latin American commentators. I've been hearing the extended, exaggerated "gol" yell ever since I was a kid watching Chivas g...
This only shows that our side needs alot of work if we want to be competitive for Confederations Cup and Brasil 14. Our passes were off most of the time and the...
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