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We are out of CL due to Sir Alex fault, over confident.
6 years ago
At first I also thought it is. But the direction of the ball was changed and I read from somewhere the commentators said that the ref got it right. May be we ...
Can't read or have a problem with understanding? Now, who is the idiot?
Swansea home against Arsenal, they used 4-3-3 formation. Liverpool home against Stoke, they used 5-4-1 or 5-5-0 KK, you deserved that 1 point. Well done Sw...
Did Ramsey touch the ball? NO Did Ramsey fault his trailing leg? YES sore loser? uhmmmmm YES you are.
Agree. He doesn't need to come out.
Quick question: How many trophys has King won? Vidic overrated?? I can't see more than 3 defenders at his level at the moment. For sure King isn't on that l...
We sent him to liverpool to learn an acting class from Suarez.
No, they could have won the match if they have a better striker in them. Our defending is terrible. We are lucky with a clean sheet today. If we keep play li...
Arsenal scored 5 goals against Blackburne therefore Arsenal deserve the win ..... my a.s.s.
They will get their goal this coming weekend :)
Koopa13 - you are an idiot nothing less. If Webb anything with MU, he would send AA off earlier in the match. Idiot.
He would have easily sent Ashavin off in the 26 or 36 minutes in the tackles on Young. And that red card is deserved. That kid needs more experience on those...
And you are not waiting for Man Utd vs Arsenal clash??? :)
I'm happy with the game. Yes we won the match but more importantly that our young group of players are playing so well together. I Just hope SAF let Cleverly ...
It's just a friendly game. A good game for young players from both teams and the audiences too. Cleverly and Welbeck from Man Utd play quite well. I'm happ...
Hate controversial. But rare to see a clean match these days.
7 years ago
Birmingham got through Carling Cup not the Fair play. The Fair play will go to Fullham.
Can Roman find a better coach than Ancelotti to replace him? I doubt it.
Doesn't matter where your team finish, you still want your team to win. GO Man Utd!!! :)
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