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I think Real needs to sell off a few players. They have way too many good players, which makes things very complicated. Also they have to stick with a group of...
6 years ago
People what do you think about Barca's finishing. I think we should have finished atleast two of the first half chances. We created more, but unfortunately was...
Yes I would like that too.
7 years ago
Anyway did you see Alves's goal against Shakhtar? He can score quite well.
We are all aware of how intimidating SAF is towards referees and officials. He is like a Mafia boss you know, like Al Pacino in God Father, saying to the refere...
If you play fair in the final Barca will too. By the way I think Madrid would defeat you guys if they reach the final for sure.
Well Alex Ferguson himself is quite a dishonest man. He often tries to influence referee's decisions and ManU get a lot of help in epl especially against smalle...
Some people are making a big deal out of the diving that some of our players did in the last match against Madrid. While diving is wrong, but if there is a foul...
What has Iniesta done? He is a very honest player. He even scored the world cup winning goal.
Then you are encouraging rough play which football is not about.
Defensive is fine but committing fouls is not. It is worse than diving because it endangers other players.
So would I if I were Rooney, cheating on my girfriend. All these talk about not being good persons is just funny. They are very good footballers. That is all th...
"shorter the contact the greater the impulse"- that's good physics.
Than you for that, may be you can stop commenting also :)
Pepe was nowhere near the ball he got Alves's leg for sure.
There was definite contact man, are oyu blind?
I saw the whole match an I did not see a single card being unfair. They were all given for rought/dangerous/mistimed challenges. On the other hand quite a few ...
I think Barca would have scored anyway, they had more real shots on target even prior to that. Xavi almost scored and so did Villa. How many shots did Real have...
Can you show me one clean play which got punished by the referee in the game. All the cards were on legitimate fouls or mistimed challenges which were dangero...
@AFGMADRIDISTA, If you mistime 10 challenges you are bound to get a card for one. Pepe was doing the same thing for some time, and the referee wasn't dumb, he h...
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