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3 weeks ago
We are all saying the same thing guys. But do you think it is very easy to really determine what contact is 'soft'? about shouldering, the advantage most times ...
4 weeks ago
Completely on point Kinglucas but the problem is that since referees dont have a "foulmeter" or anything to measure the impact of contact, it just boils down to...
Soldado isnt the first striker to suffer from the EPL syndrome. The likes of Hernan Crespo and Shevy had the same problems in their prime after playing at a hig...
4 months ago
@oohtobe....soldado had his best scoring career receiving service from mata and silva. Isco playing for the team B wasnt enough to be named "awesome" for the cl...
I think it is too early to start predicting. The outcome of those games will depend on the form of both teams as at february. IMO bayern has everything going fo...
I can remember vividly. Arsenal faithfuls wanted wenger axed. Even in the stadium there were banners and chants that wenger should spend money. Arsenal fans wer...
@Rajmahal, you said CHANGES and called "one name". Thats a "plural" word and "singular" example lol
Moyes inherited a team that won. Fergie has been playing with an average midfield for quite sometime and has still managed to win. The thing is that it takes an...
Man utd won last year almost unchanged. City,chelsea and liverpool re-inforced and man utd still won. Man utd has dominated english football with almost the sa...
There is really no basis of judgement because both ronaldo and messi have not played in average teams. Compare individually all the players in barca and real ma...
The incidents happened in different games with different refs. What has the FA got to do with this?
5 months ago
Dont bother about Ribery? Because messi's injured? Ribery I think should be given the nod this time. Not scored too many of goals but hes worked hard. defending...
@Peterzegooner that was on point
Guys, a thought just crossed my mind. I don't know if i am transmitting this question well: Do you think that opponents of arsenal have an approach to games t...
England just needs managers in the mould of filipe scolari and less pressure from the media and they will perform.
6 months ago
With all the structure spain has had. They were "major underacheivers" for decades before they started winning. Infact their last major trophy was dated back to...
I second Thechelsea. Aint about quality or current form alone. There are lots of examples Miroslav Klose, Ronaldo for 2002 WC, straight from a 1+ year layoff en...
^this^, I must say is quite balanced. I would prefer a walcot in place of welbeck. Gives some cutting edge running on the wings and through the centre. nice one...
Yea valencia is just impossible. even kagawa is like hercules. The easiest way to score is to cross even when you cut into the box
I still stand by what i said yesterday. YAYA is a better player than busquets. Im wondering if busquets was injured last season when barca received their bashin...
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