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I think Alan Pardew should be the manager of the season. He lifted Crystal palace from relegation to mid table and newcastle escaped relegation because of his p...
3 days ago
If its for the money, europa league would always be worth it. But again utd wouldnt finish more than 4th place from the way it stands now. Also financial wise...
4 weeks ago
I cant watch any of the spanish highlights from france. The video isnt available in my country so it says. anybody having similar problems? There arent other op...
1 month ago
Still agree with Colin, given the fact that they do not play each other, comparisons like the one you just made now MAY not serve as the best analytical tool. ...
2 months ago
Yea he did. maybe it could have been 11 - zero? or maybe just 3 - 0? Goals change the rythm, motivation an events in a game, theres no way we would have known. ...
I agree with Colin. Save for QPR, Burnley and Leceister can "on a good day" take points off bayern or barca. Even when many of these bottom teams do not have sk...
I agree with JoeyMac. For me the whole Big four thing has always been a marketing gimmick. For long periods, the title race has always been a two horse race. Th...
@cheschireCat if your convictions about Nani are really worthwhile, you should reply Sif. nani > sif makes no sense
3 months ago
@deffyduck, looking at the success Arsene enjoyed in the past and after going on a barren 8 season run. Looking at the size, profitability, fans and expectation...
5 months ago
Good observation Niru
11 months ago
Do you think that ronaldinho is missing in the brazilian team? Someone just told me also that experience should never be a criteria to select players for the wo...
Do you think that ronaldinho is missing in the brazilian team? Someone just told me also that experience should never be a criteria to select players for the wo...
If he wrote ^ and he claims to be an old member then he doesnt deserve respect
I personally wont blame the ref for the pena. he was tricked by the player. The contact was very obvious and judging the strenght of the contact is a tricky one...
We are all saying the same thing guys. But do you think it is very easy to really determine what contact is 'soft'? about shouldering, the advantage most times ...
Completely on point Kinglucas but the problem is that since referees dont have a "foulmeter" or anything to measure the impact of contact, it just boils down to...
Soldado isnt the first striker to suffer from the EPL syndrome. The likes of Hernan Crespo and Shevy had the same problems in their prime after playing at a hig...
@oohtobe....soldado had his best scoring career receiving service from mata and silva. Isco playing for the team B wasnt enough to be named "awesome" for the cl...
I think it is too early to start predicting. The outcome of those games will depend on the form of both teams as at february. IMO bayern has everything going fo...
I can remember vividly. Arsenal faithfuls wanted wenger axed. Even in the stadium there were banners and chants that wenger should spend money. Arsenal fans wer...
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