Cherich we reached the finals!
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I wonder what he predicts: Holland or Spain.
7 years ago
I want a pet octopus as well. Paul rockz.
I see some people definetly don't know the off side rule. Funny how a girl like myself has to tell them they are wrong. I thought women didn't know football, gu...
I don't think you can call this a BAD call. It is still a discussion whether V. Persie is offside or not. It's not like he is a couple of meters/feet offside li...
LOL. I just saw a comment on the loss of Uruguay from a fan: "We played great, FAIR, football this world cup." - I don't know what kind of match he saw against ...
+1, kudos for your reaction ;)
Totally true. But I think it is also a strength to come back from a little defeat, some teams (like Brazil) aren't capable in coming back. They (Holland) are sl...
There is no such thing as luck. You have to make luck yourself. You're right about the 'do better against Germany or Spain' though..
Yeah, I was getting furious at the ref as well: what the hell happened there in extra time? Did his watch stop? :/ 3 minutes extra were signalled and the man le...
Why? There wasn't an offside or so?
What's up with that comment? Now I'm interested in seeing your head. It's probably too small for having a brain to make some normal comments.
What a game! As an Holland fan: my respect for the fight Uruguay put us up with. Man, they showed us some football! But I'm so happy that Holland made it to the...
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Holland might not be the favourite in the final, but hey, at least they are IN the final. Never say never, they showed some mental strength and kept going when ...
I'm oh so happy. I just kept yelling and now I lost my voice. At the end my nerves took the overhand, because that ref' wouldn't end the game while the extra ti...
Oranje is there girl! What a thrilling World Cup for them. The perfect way to end a fantadtic WC is to set the record straight against ze Germans for what they ...
There are no such things as 'outsiders'. Why do people always make the assumption that when a team has won some world/europe cups in the history, the team is go...
The thing is that the players they are the most afraid of will be stopped by 2-3 players. Brazil - Holland showed us all people jumped right on Robben when he g...
What a hate on Holland. Germany may show us perfect football in Africa but Holland is on a winning streak since.. forever? Kidding: since 2009 or something. The...
Spain? Spain with their luck and ONLY keyplayer Villa? If you stop Villa, you completely overrule Spain. You base your mening on a history on Spain, not the cur...
Heee! bedankt voor het accepteren van ''friend request'' eindelijk een nederlandse hier! haha ben nu voornamelijk engelsen tegengekomen :') maar alles goed verd...
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